About us

VakilDiary is a very simple and easy to use an Android online App with an accompanying simple and responsive website i.e. vakildiary.com accessible through any device i.e. Smart Phone, tablets PC, laptops etc . This application is designed by Law Practitioners and made available to the Lawyers, Advocates, Judges and other law practitioners to manage and maintain the their daily case register.

  • Accessible over many devices: Smart-Phone PC, Laptop,Tablets.
  • You can customize your list of courts, case types and stages and many other customization.
  • A Smart and Easy way to Search Cases.
  • Quick interfaces, like calendar, “Today’s Cases”, “All Cases” makes accessing information easier.
  • Captures all necessary information related to case, be it the client contact, the court or the opposite lawyer.

Application for All Devices

This application is Available in Android & desktop form which is accessible through any device like Smart Phone, tablets, PC, Laptop etc.