Here's a brief list of features, just to get your attention

  1. Available in Online-Offline mode: You can access your diary from any android phone, anywhere, anytime.
  2. Available in Android App & Web Application: You can access your diary from android app as well as web application from
  3. Manage UNLIMITED Cases: You can add any number of cases/matters, as there is NO restriction on addition of number of cases.
  4. Support Multiple Users: You can add your associate advocate/assistant / Junior and assign cases to them.
  5. Use already added Court name, case types, case stages etc or you can add yourself if you don’t find them in the list.
  6. Search Cases: You can search cases using Heading, Case No, Party name, mobile no, opposite party name etc
  7. Easily Transfer Case to Upper Court: You can easily transfer cases/matters from one court to other.
  8. Add Multiple Parties: You can add multiple Plaintiff and Respondent details of the cases/matters
  9. Maintain opposite party advocate details

  • VakilDiary is made from scratch to work seamlessly on tablets/mobile
  • Entire functionality works beautifully on a tablet

You Can Share case/matter using social messaging apps like

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram

You Can Send Reminder to your party using

  • Call
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Email etc.

Desktop application allows to generate & print

  • Case Appearances of Month report
  • Case Disposals of Month report
  • Pending Cases of Month Report
  • Generic Reports (e.g according to selection criteria)

  • Register case
  • It include the courts that you want to put in your lists where you represent the cases, Case Types, the various types of cases which you deal with like civil case, criminal case and likewise are included here and Case Stages

  • Update Next date and Next stage
  • Here you can add the progress level at which your case has reached